2007 July

24 Jul '07

Google to target casual gamers

With 1 in 4 web users playing online games, Google are making moves to deploy Adsense more strategically, reports GigaOM.

At present, games can be played with strips of adverts around the outside- the player is able to ignore … Read More

24 Jul '07

Kensington Report viral series launches on

We’ve just launched a new viral series called the Kensington Report for – the US-based entertainment site.

Check out a couple of clips from the series here: Racist Cheese Alien Babies

The Kensington Report is a series of 8 … Read More

23 Jul '07

A map of the social space

As the British summer is looking so darn awful it’s definitely time to escape the eternal rain, so you might want to choose a lovely location from around the world by putting a pin into a map of the world … Read More

19 Jul '07

Facebook limits app virality

Here’s some interesting stats from inside Facebook re: the Facebook apps phenomenon. Here you go (thanks to Nick Denton of Valley Wag Valley Wag for this):

– There are a total of around 1,131 apps – Of the last 500 … Read More

17 Jul '07

Internet Ad growth will slow to a measly 30% in 2008

WPPs GroupM report makes interesting reading about the projected growth of internet advertising (and the demise of more traditional forms)

Perhaps the most interesting prediction though is that, while online growth is expected to be about 34% this year this … Read More

13 Jul '07

Superheros r us!

We’ve launched our latest viral campaign in partnership with entertainment site, this time to promote the Sci-Fi channels “Who wants to be a super hero” programme.

The film “Superhero next door” is the latest addition to our Kensington Report … Read More

04 Jul '07

The future of viral is . . . longer

Viral video is finally coming of age. Historically viral videos were the bastard son of TV ads, and generally run if a client didn’t have the full budget for a TV campaign but liked the idea of creating a video … Read More

02 Jul '07


Waitrose are set to announce plans to create a ‘Facebook for foodies’ as part of their website redevelopment.

By joining the network, members will be able to share recipes, create scrapbooks and upload pictures of themselves with dishes that they … Read More