2007 May

30 May '07

Facebook widgetises itself

Last week the guys at Facebook unveiled a latest revolution in Social Networking Websites: Facebook Platform.

By opening its doors to external developers it aims to create a new generation of applications that can be deeply integrated within the … Read More

24 May '07

48% of free time spend online

A new report from Media-Screen finds that broadband users spend an average of 48 percent of their free time online in a typical weekday, reports the Center for Media Research. The percentage measures out to about one hour and 40 … Read More

23 May '07

Fancy a day off?

"I will give my staff the day off on ‘Bristol Day’ – an unofficial bank holiday, 26th October 2007, but only if 10 businesses or other organisations will do the same."

What’s this all about then?

There are no bank … Read More

17 May '07

Women Play Games, Spend Money and Dominate U.K. Net

New research from Nielsen/NetRatings show young women, which comprise 18 percent of the population, are the most dominant online group in the United Kingdom, the BBC reports.

The study accounts for women between ages 18 and 34. Their online presence … Read More

16 May '07

Gamers more than geeks (research)

Long tagged the pursuit of choice for teenage males, the profile of today’s gamer casts a broad demographic net, reports Ad Age. Today, teenagers account for only 17 percent.

The popularity of online gaming comprises the source of the shift, … Read More

15 May '07

Vast volvo viral

From the country that gave us the term ‘smorgasbord’ we have a major pick’n’mix viral served up by Volvo. Want a game? Great. Want a film? Fine. Want a funny app that will make you computer speak? Tuck in.

The … Read More

15 May '07

French mis-connection

French Connection have entered into the world of social networking with the launch of their website. I stumbled across the site getting a slagging in the Sunday Times Style supplement, which wasn’t the best endorsement . . .

The … Read More

11 May '07

TeamRubber up for entrepreneur gong!

With sore heads to prove it, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve been short-listed as one of the companies up for the Arena Magazine / O2 entrepreneur of the year award. Hurrah!

The sore heads came from the great evening … Read More

09 May '07

Mailing list size: is bigger better?

ClickZ reports that CBS online are slimming down their emailing list by removing “passive recipients.”

This decision is based on the beliefs that large mail-outs can be damaging for a brand’s image and that efforts are better expended on the … Read More

07 May '07

Cisco: social networks are the future of media

Dan Sheinman, SVP of Cisco’s Media Solutions Group (via CNET), recently noted social networks are the best way for media practitioners to understand where media is headed in the digital age.

Cisco acquired Linksys for $500 million and set-top box … Read More