2007 April

23 Apr '07

US Army offers chance to try before you buy

Australian IT reports that there is concern over US army plans to sponsor a shoot-em-up game to drive a recruitment campaign.

The idea that having enjoyed the experience of war in a game you might like to experience the real … Read More

18 Apr '07

Saatchi tennis buzz

Saatchi and Saatchi have put together a genius buzz campaign to promote Mallorca. The campaign, dubbed “The battle of the surfaces”is based around a tennis match at Palma Arena in which tennis stars Rafael Nadal, the “king of clay”, and … Read More

18 Apr '07

Facebook mourns Virginia Tech

The horrible Virginia Tech happenings of the 16th April, have lead to an incredible flux of emotion and solidarity from people all around the globe. On social networking sites like Facebook, known for its huge Student community, members have demonstrated … Read More

17 Apr '07

Lego goes fully virtual

Iconic toy manufacturer Lego is partnering with independent MMO game developer, NetDevil, to develop a MMOG based on the Lego building blocks toys. No deal terms were disclosed. The two companies have declined to outline exactly how the game will … Read More

16 Apr '07

Adapt and survive: Sir Martin Sorrell

22nd March: The WPP CEO set out to define the 2 major changes- and challenges- facing media-owners and agencies, in a video-link address to the SHOTS forum.

The first is one of geography- with mushrooming populations in the east, companies … Read More

16 Apr '07

Supersize Advertainment?

It seems that some brands are taking the concept of advertainment to a whole new level- well maybe not that new…just product placement in a new guise. New Media Age report that Ford and Nike are setting off on a … Read More

05 Apr '07

Second Life floods

All those Second Lifers who’ve escaped the terrors of the real world for the virtual got a shock yesterday as whole territories within Second Life were flooded as part of a virtual PR stunt designed to raise awareness of climate … Read More

03 Apr '07

Brand participation for brand maker

Since the hullabaloo around the concept of Saatchi and Saatchi’s LoveMarks, many agencies have been touting around concepts along the LoveMarks theme. We’re one of those, advocating the joys of brand participation and getting some success with clients – most … Read More

02 Apr '07

Threshers 2.0 launches

Thresher’s have launched their second viral coupon campaign following the success of the campaign last x-mas. It’s interesting to see that this time Threshers (or at least their online buzz machine – Hugh from have openly admitted that this … Read More