2007 January

31 Jan '07

Barry bounces back

This viral’s been around for a while, and is a classic example of sub-viral really creating a great buzz around a product.

Before this spoof techno re-mix, Cillit Bang were renowned for one of the biggest online marketing faux-pas’s … Read More

30 Jan '07

The joy of the jingle

There’s definitely a really thin line between genius creative and utter sh*t when it comes to viral, and this great new ad from the US proves it – check it here. In the past I’ve always questioned whether DR TV … Read More

15 Jan '07

Word of Mouth and Online Advertising

December saw the release of a really interesting report from DoubleClick the online market research company. Entitled ‘Influencing the Influencers’, the report concluded that influential people are far more likely to engage with advertising and new media platforms and create … Read More

05 Jan '07

Classic industry viral

This is a classic media industry viral – definitely worth a look if want an insight into the media agency / owner relationship! Check out the film on YouTube here

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02 Jan '07

me me me

This is a v.interesting rant about the Web 2.0 and the new culture of narcissism it’s breeding – with MySpace and blogs feeding people’s infatuation with their own lives and thoughts. I particularly like his description of MySpace as a … Read More