2006 December

20 Dec '06

Sony’s Not So Stealthy Campaign

Last month a website was created that brought serious embarrassment to Sony. The site, was set up to look like a genuine fan site and featured a video of a character named “Cousin Pete” who performed a rap in … Read More

15 Dec '06

Irn Bru Xmas Viral

Here’s a clever new viral from Scottish softdrink brand, Irn Bru. It’s a play on the famous scene from the classic christmas animation, The Snowman. The landscape has been changed from snowy rural England to a Scottish winter wonderland and … Read More

15 Dec '06

Advertising 2.0

Last night I went to Mashup’s Advertising 2.0 event. Apart from being seriously impressed by the number of people at the event (over 100), and impressed by the guy chairing the event (Michael Bayler) the top 5 things of note … Read More

08 Dec '06

Mobile viral – trad marketers missing opportunities?

Interesting article highlighting the potential of mobile viral (‘mobisodes’).

“Don’t advertise where all your competitors advertise…

By and large, traditional marketers are not aware of the impact of mobisodes. And even if they are, they don’t recommend it because traditional … Read More

07 Dec '06
05 Dec '06

Launch of O2GO Microsite

With our help, a new company called O2GO has launched a microsite to help broadcast their “drink more water” mantra and act as a sales platform for their innovative product. O2GO rightly states that we need to drink 2 litres … Read More

05 Dec '06

CGC + Ads + Youth = @*%^ Off!!!

The American Marketing Association (AMA) has conducted a survey that will be of great interest to those in the world of viral marketing. The most striking conclusion of the survey suggests that children don’t like consumer-generated content (CGC) in ads. … Read More