2006 November

30 Nov '06

Dan Speaks Out

Wowsers! Our very own Team Rubber man (or should I say celeb) Dan Hilton has appeared on an excellent webcast from a conference in Somerset. As first speaker he does a sterling job of dispelling the myths and hype that … Read More

30 Nov '06

Habbo Gets Social

Habbo, the brilliantly styled teen entertainment brand, has decided to expand into social networking. This is a logical progression with 64m people in 29 countries being registered to their online assets. Habbo’s creators, Sulake of Helsinki, have been running since … Read More

27 Nov '06

Dazed’s Revamp

London’s Dazed & Confused magazine has just announced their intention to step up their online presence by adopting social network and file sharing within their site. While they already have a MySpace page, they hope that this move will help … Read More

24 Nov '06

Viral On The Box

Totally Viral TV, a soon to be aired show by UKTV, promises to be the most exciting and edgy show around. Whilst this isn’t the first attempt at creating a viral TV outlet (website managed to create one pilot … Read More

15 Nov '06

A Biblical Plague?

Probably a first, The United Church of Canada has launched a viral to support its WonderCafe web campaign. The £5m campaign aims to encourage discussion on issues such as gay marriage and sinful sex in an effort to increase membership … Read More

07 Nov '06

Zango Finally Gets Stung

Zango, the prominent but highly manipulative viral site, has finally got it’s comeuppance. The site had became one of the world’s largest distributors of adware. It did this by using alluring but deceptive banner ads which encouraged users to download … Read More

06 Nov '06

Our Secret

Logitech, the PC periphery manufacturer, have just released another of what is clearly going to be a series of virals to promote their webcam range. This new clip, entitled ‘Our Secret’ features the same characters as the first viral. We … Read More