2006 October

30 Oct '06

The Real Viral Curve

For so long marketers have associated viral marketing with the classic exponential curve – oh how they dream! Having analysed the performance of over 30 past viral campaigns, we’ve come up with what the viral curve really looks like: This … Read More

30 Oct '06

Virtual Company Launch

A new web 2.0 marketing company named Crayon was launched this week. It claims to be the first company to launch on Second Life simultaneously to its real world launch. This is interesting because they have wholeheartedly embraced new marketing … Read More

27 Oct '06

Race Doggles Launch

Today is the day we launch our new game for the British Greyhound Racing Board (BGRB). Race Doggles is an exciting and slickly styled flash-based flying game. Fly your Biggles like greyhound through the hoops whilst doing your best to … Read More

26 Oct '06

Coke Finaly Catches The Viral Bug

Having distanced themselves from the phenomenon for so long, Coca-Cola have finally decided to jump on the Mentos-Diet Coke bandwagon. The viral craze has been going for a year or more now and involves adding numbers of Mentos mints to … Read More

17 Oct '06

Viral Manager

Rubber Republic is proud to announce the launch of our latest product, Viral Manager. is essentially a hub where you can access all the viral marketing tools you need. In the strategy section you can access a wealth of … Read More

11 Oct '06

Dawn of the “GooTube” era

It’s official. Google has acquired YouTube for a staggering £800m in stock.

The deal is being hailed as the most important internet acquisition in history. It is an amazing tactical move that positions Google as the world’s leader in … Read More

03 Oct '06

British Computer Brain

Here’s a viral quiz game we’ve just launched:

British Computer Brain

It was designed with the aim of encouraging membership to the British Computer Society (BCS).

It’s a tough little against-the-clock tech quiz in the style of those fiercly addictive … Read More

03 Oct '06

Rubber Republic at Adtech 2006

Last Thursday, Rubber Republic MD Chris Quigley gave a presentation for the viral marketing session of AdTech 2006. His presentation provided insights into a number of different areas of viral marketing, including: the real viral effect, the impact of seeding … Read More

02 Oct '06

VBMA – re-launches with Rubber Republic onboard

The Viral and Buzz Marketing Association (VBMA) re-launched last week, with Rubber Republic as one of its 14 founding trustee companies. After a rocky start 2 years ago, the VBMA has for the moment toned-down its aspirations and is starting … Read More