2006 May

24 May '06

Bebo turns up the heat on MySpace

Today’s announcement of Benchmark Capital’s £8 million investment in student networking site Bebo marks the start of the teen social networking turf wars.

Given the fickle nature of youth surfers it will be interesting to see how the social networking … Read More

19 May '06

Caught on, but not keeping up?

Here’s a very interesting article from Justin Kirby of DMC. A veteran in the scene, Justin paints a picture of the past present and future in the viral/connected marketing landscape and illustrates the fact that there is a growing divide … Read More

15 May '06

What not to do

Having delivered around 50 viral campaigns over the last five years, we’ve seen (and made) a fair few marketing mistakes on our way.

Based around this knowledge and know-how, we’ve developed a guide called “21 Common Mistakes” of what not … Read More